Luxury Digital Collectibles

Create digital luxury goods, unique and wearable (Read Roadmap)


Sell, Buy or simply Collect them in every color


Gift a part of you. Bitmonds are forever.


Get products or exclusive services, forever and free (Read Roadmap)

Early adopters promotion!

It's possible to generate Bitmonds without paying transaction fees.

Make sure to have purer Bitmonds!

Hurry to create high level of pureness Bitmonds! Time is running…

Friends are unique and precious like Bitmonds!

Invite friends and get free Bitmonds.


Wear your digital status symbol on your devices and enriches your look
(Summer 2019)

What is Bitmonds?

Bitmonds is the first full digital status symbol based on blockchain technology, represented as a digital diamond. Every Bitmonds is unique because you generate It on the basis of your personal data: It can be bought, sold or gifted. Its value increases over time like every traditional luxury item. In the future you'll wear it without any risk of theft and it will get you free products or free access to exclusive events. And remember... lower numbering or higher pureness of your Bitmonds will take you advantages. In each future stage of the project.
Don't say you've never been warned!

256 Colors

5 Crowns

8 Colorscale


Million unique permutations

Why is a Game Changer?

Physical diamonds


Standard digital collectibles

  • Physical diamonds
  • Risk of theft
  • Low liquid cash
  • High trading fees
  • Unethical purchase risk
  • Wearable Luxury Status Symbol
  • FIAT currencies purchasing
  • Increase in value during time and regulated institution
  • Standard digital collectibles
  • No risk of theft (registered on Blockchain)
  • High liquid cash (centralized worldwide marketplace)
  • Low trading fees
  • Ethical purchase (we don't use natural resources or feed war)
  • Collectibles but not a status symbol
  • Crypto purchasing (high volatility risk for customer)
  • Auction and price depends on demand
Generate as many Bitmonds you desire


Generate as many Bitmonds you desire

Every Bitmonds is unique, it's generated on the basis of your personal data and property is registered on Blockchain Ethereum

Increase your collection


Increase your collection

At present there are 256 different colors. Other textures and special editions will be soon available.
Stay Tuned!

Trade on Marketplace


Trade on Marketplace

Every Bitmonds generated increases value of previous items, according to their pureness (lower numbering, thin crown and better colorscale take to increase the value faster)

Gift a part of you


Gift a part of you

Every Bitmonds is unique and it's generated on the basis of your personal data, by giving it is like gifting a part of you to someone special. A little buy to deliver a special message.

Upgrade your outfit


Upgrade your outfit

It will soon be possible to wear your digital luxury collectible on your smartwatch or smartphone. Growth of value will be updated in line with the creation of new Bitmonds

Loyalty Program


Loyalty Program

In the future every single Bitmonds will allow you to get free products, discounts or free access to exclusive events. Pureness is always an advantage. Hurry to buy lower numbering Bitmonds and the ones with better skills!


Tell your friend about Bitmonds

Take your friends!

Every 5 friends buying at least a Bitmonds you get one free!


Are Bitmonds like Bitcoin?

Bitmonds are NOT a cryptocurrency (or a ICO). They’re a digital collectible. The real-world analogy for a cryptocurrency is dollars or pounds; a cryptocollectible’s real world analogy is closer to assets like baseball cards or a jewel.

Do I need a cryptocurrency?

No. You can pay only with Fiat currency, using your Paypal account or a credit card. So you don't have to be afraid for high volatilty of cryptocurrencies.

How much does it cost?

Standard price for creation is 10 Euros. You have to pay also 2 Euros for transaction fees (backoffice, blockchain registration...) Standard price could be reviewed the 1st of January of every year and be mantained till next review.

Is my Bitmonds unique?

Yes, unique like you! Every bitmond is generated using the data you gave during registration and the timestamp. When you gift a bitmond, you gift a unique part of you!

What can I do with my Bitmonds?

You can collect them in every color (256 at the moment), you can trade them, you can wear it (in a future not so far), during 2019 you will start to obtain free products and get an access to esclusive events. More diamonds you have, more advantages you will obtain.

What is Bitmonds?

Bitmonds is a worldwide collector's game based on blockchain technology. Bitmonds are your property: you may generate, buy, sell, or gift them. The introduction of blockchain makes the process of secure thanks to this technology's ability to reliably trace ownership.

Where’s my diamond? I just bought one but it seems blocked!

Transactions on the blockchain can take time to process and then it can take a few more time for our website to sync with the blockchain. In other words you own in some seconds the diamond and you can see it in "My Diamonds" section, but we need time to register your property on the blockchain. Till that moment you can show it, it increases it's value, but you can't gift or sell it. This process will be faster during next months. Don’t worry, though. The blockchain doesn’t lie.

Why a Bitmonds is purer than another one?

Increase of value of a Bitmonds is directly connected with its pureness (represented by the numbering, colorscale and thickness of the crown). Pureness is not influenced by color (random selected during creation of every bitmond). It's better owning a lower numbering Bitmond, and this is your decision! Colorscale and Crown are totally random generated.

Why a diamond would be better than another one?

Percentage of diamond's value increases in a direct connection with pureness of the diamond. Color is not a differenziating element of pureness (is a randomic aspect during generation). Diamond's number, colorscale and crown influence pureness. Remember that is better to own a diamond with a lower number! Colorscale and crown are randomic (depend from sharpness and contrast you see in diamond's technical informations)

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