Discover "Lost Reflections" for Random

A new exciting Digital Artwork, encapsulating the depth of the words from "Diamanti", the fantastic new track by Random.

"Lost Reflections" finally revealed!

The Bitmonds model born from the collaboration with Random is in front of your eyes. 40 unique pieces, in different levels of purity from D1 to K5.

How to start your Bitmonds Collection?

The Self Generation is over and the scarcity of the Three Official Collections is written in stone. The only way to buy a Bitmonds is in the secondary market between Collectors.

Find out how in this tutorial!

The new era of collectibles

Your digital diamonds on Polygon blockchain. They are 3D interactive, unique and wearable.


By completing the Collections or Seasons, you will earn constant rewards every month.

Wear your passions

Choose the Bitmonds that represents the mood of your day


A truly unique gift for someone special to you

Share your passion

Post your collection on social media and find new friends to exchange Bitmonds with

What are Bitmonds?

Bitmonds are collectibles, which instead of being printed on paper are digital. Visually they appear as 3D colored diamonds with which a user can interact also in touch mode. Each Bitmonds goes beyond the concept of limited edition because it is a unique object in the world. It is characterized by a unique and progressive ID number, a color, a name and pureness features. Giving a Bitmonds is like giving something unique and not replicable. Wearing your Bitmonds on a smartwatch, is a way to color your outfit or tell the mood of the day.

256 Colors

3 Collections

5 Crowns

8 Colorscale


Million unique permutations

How does it work?

We change the game!

Physical Collectibles

Apps built for Bitmonds would not work with a fake product.
Improved counterfeiting techniques, make it possible to counterfeit any physical collectible.
True rarity and scarcity are certified and guaranteed using Blockchain.
Scarcity is delegated to total trust in the producer or absence of fake products.
Every change of property remains traced on Blockchain and cannot be altered.
Linked to the product, it is difficult to certify ownership and defend it from theft.
Possibility to show Bitmonds everyday on our devices, without risk of degradation or theft.
Kept in safe places due to lack of specific utility or fear of degradation.
Digital natives
Always with owner even traveling, in a worldwide gaming experience as easy as streaming.
Take up space and need attention during our ever - traveling lives.