The project

What are Bitmonds?

Bitmonds are the world's first interactive 3D NFTs that digitally provide the tactile experience of a physical object. Not just to keep in an Album, but to show and wear every day on your smartwatch.

The first example of Digital Fashion which, in its rarest pieces, becomes Digital Luxury

Visually they appear as 3D colored diamonds, with which a user can also interact in touch mode.

They are characterized by a unique and progressive ID number, a color, a fantastic name and different purity and physical characteristics. The blockchain on which the Bitmonds NFT are registered is Polygon.

What can I do with Bitmonds?

They can be collected in all available colors, they can be given to a special person, they can be worn on a smartwatch to color your outfit or simply tell the mood of your day.

It is possible to create and share your Bitmonds Album. This feature allows you to better organize your collection and immediately search for the missing Bitmonds in the Marketplace.
Owning an entire Collection or an entire Season (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, etc) will allow you to accumulate points thanks to our new Loyalty Program

Why is the digitalization of collecting an advantage?

All the big producers are taking this path.
Because digitalize a certain type of collecting (typically the one printed on paper), allows to obtain numerous advantages for all the actors involved:
1. Guarantee of uniqueness and actual rarity of an object
2. Guarantee that the item is not counterfeit
3. Speak to new generations with interactive gaming experiences
4. Tracking the ownership of each individual collectible (as NFT on Blockchain)

Are Bitmonds limited edition?

Each Bitmonds goes beyond the concept of limited edition because it is a unique object in the world. There will never be two Bitmonds with the same ID number.

Just as there will never be two Bitmonds with the following data all the same: name, color, colorscale, crown, contrast and sharpness (or metalness e roughness for Bitmonds Digital Art).

The Third Collection, which ended on the 22nd with the Season Summer, was the last in which it was possible to independently generate new Bitmonds by collectors. The Three Official Collections closed with the following quantities of different Bitmonds produced: First Collection 45199 - Second Collection 54800 - Third Collection 64804.

In the future, other Bitmonds will still be created, but only as Drops Limited Edition very restricted and sold in Auction on the portal.

How is blockchain used?

Each Bitmonds and each Artwork is registered as NFT Token ERC-721 on blockchain Polygon.

What are Bitmonds Digital Art?

With the launch of the Third Bitmonds Collection, a new graphic structure of Bitmonds has been introduced, which joins the photorealistic one already used.

Everything starts from the Artworks produced exclusively for our project by exponents of Digital Art. These works are placed inside a virtual room of a museum, characterizing the entire appearance in a unique way.

A Bitmonds placed within this scenario reflects everything around it, incorporating the unique colors of the Artwork.

The scenario around the Bitmonds can be turned on or off, and can also be shared in "Panorama" mode using the appropriate button on the interactive tab of each individual piece.

Even if the virtual room is turned off, the Bitmonds continues to reflect the Artwork. Bringing the concept of digital art to a new level of exclusivity and usability, thus becoming wearable in everyday life.

What are Artworks?

Artworks are the digital works produced for us by some well-known international Digital Artists, starting from which we have created very special and exclusive Bitmonds models.

Each Artwork is a minting of a unique piece (1/1) and is offered for sale via Falling Drops.

Just as the original plates exist in the collectible comics market, being the owner of an Artwork is like being the only collector of the original matrix that gave birth to the resulting Bitmonds Digital Art.

How can I verify on the Polygon blockchain that I own my Bitmonds?

Within the My Bitmonds section, by opening the card of a Bitmonds, you will find the "Blockchain" section. Inside there is a link that will direct you directly to the Polygon Blockchain search tool.

In this way you can verify that each Bitmonds is owned by the user wallet assigned to you and reported in the My Bitmonds section

How can I verify on the Polygon blockchain that I own my Artworks?

Enter the My Artworks section and, in the tab of each Artwork in your Collection, you will find a button with the Polygon symbol at the top right.

By clicking, you will be directed to the Blockchain Polygon transaction which proves that the single Artwork belongs to the hash of your wallet.

Can I redeem Bitmonds or Artworks on my personal wallet?

We create a new wallet on Polygon for each Bitmonds account containing at least one collectible inside. What are normally called Holders. In a first phase, these wallets are "custodial", ie the private keys are managed by us.

This immediately allows to obtain advantages in terms of transparency. It is possible to see on the tools provided by the Polygon blockchain the number of Holders actually operating on the project and the availability of Bitmonds or Artworks in the individual wallets.

In these months we are working to enable the possibility of redeeming your Bitmonds on a personal wallet. This will open up the possibility of using external marketplaces such as OpenSea.

How do I enable and configure Apple Pay?

It is possible to purchase new products related to the Bitmonds world, when available, using Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is compatible with Iphone (from model 6 and later), Apple Watch (all generations) and with Macs or Ipads equipped with Touch ID fingerprint recognition. Users with older Iphone models can use the service through Apple Watch. In this case, Apple Pay is activated with an access code that will remain active as long as the user wears the Apple Watch.

For more details on how to configure Apple Pay on your device, refer to the Apple website

How do I pay with Apple Pay?

It is possible to purchase new products related to the Bitmonds world, when available, using Apple Pay.

Once Apple Pay is enabled and configured on your device, after clicking on "Pay" in the Generator section, the Nexi payment page will appear at the bottom of which the icon with the Apple Pay logo is shown. By clicking on the icon, you can make the payment directly, using the payment tools associated with your Apple Pay account.

The operation must be carried out using a Safari browser and only if you have a compatible device will the logo appear and this payment method can then be used.

It is possible that at the first use ever, not only on the Bitmonds portal, Apple Pay asks for some information relating to the shipping address or the configured credit card.

How do I enable and configure Google Pay?

It is possible to purchase new products related to the Bitmonds world, when available, using Google Pay.

To configure the service you need to have a GMail account and follow the instructions provided by Google.

How do I pay with Google Pay?

It is possible to purchase new products related to the Bitmonds world, when available, using Google Pay.

Once Google Pay is enabled and configured on your device, after clicking on "Pay" in the Generator section, the Nexi payment page will appear at the bottom of which the icon with the Google Pay logo is shown. By clicking on the icon, you can make the payment directly, using the payment tools associated with your account.

It is important that Google Pay has been fully configured, even for contactless payment, otherwise the icon will be displayed but will disappear after a few seconds.

How do I pay using my MATIC on MetaMask?

It is possible to purchase new products related to the Bitmonds world, when available, using MetaMask.

After you have created and associated a MetaMask wallet (https://metamask.io/faqs/) with your browser, you can deposit your MATIC. Remind that MetaMask is available on desktop, on Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge browsers.

By entering the New Drops section of the Bitmonds portal (from desktop) you will find within each single Drop the possibility to pay, as well as with FIAT currency, also via MATIC.

The value of the MATIC needed to proceed with the payment is dynamic and is updated based on the official Euro/MATIC conversion data provided by Cryptocompare.com.

Clicking on the payment button will open the screen of your MetaMask wallet to Confirm or Cancel the transaction.

If there are not enough funds on your MetaMask wallet for the purchase, the Confirm button will not be enabled and you can only Cancel the operation or load your wallet with the necessary MATIC

Generator and New Drops

How do I generate a Bitmonds?

From 23 September 2022 the Self Generation of new Bitmonds by our collectors has been closed and the edition of the Three Official Collections has been defined forever. Do you want to buy your first Bitmonds? Watch this video tutorial and visit the Collector's Marketplace!.

What are the characteristics of a Bitmonds?

The identification number of a Bitmonds is unique and progressive. There will never be two Bitmonds with the same number (even of subsequent collections).

In addition, each Bitmonds is characterized by a color associated with a name (currently there are 256 different for each collection). These elements characterize the soul of each Bitmonds, in which a collector can recognize himself.

Purity is defined by the level of the Colorscale (D is the best). This value is a synthesis of two variables that are found in the detail sheet of each Bitmonds (Contrast and Sharpness).

The crown characterizes the quality of the cut of a Bitmonds (level 1 indicates a finer and therefore higher quality cut, visible even to the naked eye with minimal lateral thickness)

Bitmonds with a better Colorscale and a better Crown are rarer to find, as in any physical collection scenario.

How does a Falling Drop work?

The New Drops section presents the sales of Artworks or in the future also of Limited Editions of Bitmonds deriving from collaborations with Brands or Influencers, or created on the occasion of special events.

The Falling Drop logic envisages the sale of a particular Collectible, starting from a higher "cap" price, which is progressively decreased over time. Until a collector decides to buy the product.

Each Falling Drop has its own cap and price descent timing specified in the detail sheet.

To participate in the Falling Drops it is strictly necessary to have successfully passed the strong customer identification procedure (KYC, AML, CTF e Sanctions Screening).

In order to be awarded the product, it is necessary to complete the payment. If in the meantime, another collector should be faster, he will win the product.

Wear a Bitmonds

How can I wear my Bitmonds?

Just download the Bitmonds app from the Apple Store (IOS) or from the Play Store (Android WearOS). This way you can wear your Bitmonds on your smartwatch.

Watch our video tutorials for AppleWatch or Android WearOS

Gift a Bitmonds

How can I gift a Bitmonds?

It's very simple, just enter the My Bitmonds section, locate the Bitmonds you want to give and click on the icon with three dots, selecting "Send as a gift"

A pop up opens where you must indicate the exact email of the person to whom you want to give Bitmonds (it cannot be changed after starting the gift proposal).

The email must be the same with which the person is already registered or will register on the www.bitmonds.com portal.

After confirming that the gift has been sent (by clicking on the "Pay" button), the person to whom you have sent the Bitmonds has 7 days to accept or refuse the gift. Upon expiry, Bitmonds will be available again for you.

The cost to give or change the ownership of your Bitmonds is 2 euros, except for current promotions that I can also reset it.

How can you accept a Bitmonds gift?

First of all it is necessary that you receive an email indicating a Bitmonds gift to be registered or to register on the portal with the same email address to which you received the gift proposal.

Then just enter the Message Center section on the Dashboard and accept the gift from the appropriate "Gifts" panel.

Collect and exchange Bitmonds

How can I promote the sale or exchange of my Bitmonds?

Like any physical collectible, through direct interaction between collectors.

In this way it is possible to define the final price and the payment formula.

The tool that allows you to show other collectors which Bitmonds a collector wants to trade or sell is the Marketplace. This feature allows you to show the Bitmonds that a collector is interested in selling, indicating the price at which he is willing to sell it

What are the steps to put a Bitmonds for sale in the Marketplace?

To publish a Bitmonds in the Marketplace and thus make it visible to other collectors as salable or exchangeable, you must first make sure that you have completed some steps in the My Account area:

1. In the Profile section, complete the strong customer verification procedure
2. In the Payment and contact data section, set at least one contact language in case of any questions from other collectors
3. In the Payment and contact data section, configure at least one payment method accepted in the case of the sale of a Bitmonds (We recommend setting up a Paypal.me link to receive payments faster). To find out how to set it up on your PayPal account, follow this link.

Once these operations have been completed, to put a Bitmonds on sale you must:
1. Go to the My Bitmonds section and, with the help of sorting and filtering tools, identify the Bitmonds of interest
2. Click on the icon with the three dots and select the item Sell options
3. Enter the desired sale price 4. Click on Save and the Bitmonds will immediately be made visible within the Marketplace to all collectors 5. Bitmonds will remain on sale for 72 hours at the indicated price. It is possible to remove it from the sale at any time, even before the deadline, by accessing Bitmonds from the My Bitmonds area, clicking on the icon with the three dots and selecting the item Sell options
6. In the Message Center section, the Seller and the Buyer will find the tracking and notifications of the entire operation. Specifically, in the Exchanges in progress section, it is possible to view the status of each sale.
7. In the case of a sale, once payment is received, proceed with the transfer of the Bitmonds to the Buyer, directly through the functionality present in the Message Center.

For users with unverified KYC accounts, the maximum limit of Bitmonds for which a purchase procedure can be started at the same time is equal to 5. If, on the other hand, the account has been verified using the KYC procedure, this limit does not exist.

How many Bitmonds can I sell and at what price?

It is possible to sell a maximum number of Bitmonds at the same time, which corresponds to 20% of your collection (the minimum guaranteed to all is 3 Bitmonds). The available slots are visible in yellow in the My Bitmonds section

It is possible to enter a sale price that is not less than 33% of the Recommended Value, with a minimum of 10 Euros for Standard Bitmonds and 100 Euros for Bitmonds Digital Art.
When defining the price, it is necessary to consider that the transfer fees of the Bitmonds (2 Euros) are to be paid by the seller

What do the Marketplace sections (For Sale and All Bitmonds) mean?

In the Marketplace section, subsection On Sale, there are the Bitmonds for which collectors are available to start an exchange or sale negotiation. On the card of each single Bitmonds there is a cart icon. By clicking on the cart it is possible to purchase the selected Bitmonds.

The Marketplace, in its subsection All Bitmonds, is the area where all the generated Bitmonds are present, organized by collection. Through different sorting or filtering criteria (even by single name or ID number) it is possible to reduce the Bitmonds shown on the screen to a subset of your interest.

What are the steps to buy a Bitmonds from the Marketplace?

Once identified, within the Marketplace the Bitmonds of your interest (thanks also to the search, filter and sorting tools) it is possible:

1. Open the card of a Bitmonds to see its characteristics and access the owner's personal page
2. View the order in which it was generated at the top right with respect to all those of its name / color
3. How long will that Bitmonds and its selling price remain on sale

To start the purchase, click on the cart icon and then select the payment method from those accepted by the owner and confirm the order.

From this moment on, the Bitmonds is blocked and can only be transferred to the Buyer, who will receive the payment details.

In the Message Center section, the Seller and the Buyer will find the tracking and notifications of the entire operation. Specifically, in the Exchanges in progress section, it is possible to view the status of each sale.

Once the payment has been made, the Buyer will inform (and optional, but recommended) the Seller and the Bitmonds Team that they have completed their part via the Confirm Payment button in the Exchanges in progress section of the Message Center.
Once the payment has been received, the Seller proceeds with the transfer of the Bitmonds to the Buyer, directly through the functionality present in the Message Center.

What are the steps to express interest to a collector for his Bitmonds not for sale?

Once you have identified, within the All Bitmonds section (which contains all those generated) of the Marketplace, the Bitmonds of your interest can:

1. Open the Bitmonds card to see its characteristics
2. Click on the View Profile button, by doing so, all the user’s Bitmonds are displayed, as well as the contact languages to be used. The profile is visible only if the user has made it public with the appropriate flag in the My Bitmonds section
3. Click on Contact User
4. Enter a text in the Message section and click Send Request
5. By doing so, the collector will receive a contact request containing the email address of the user who is contacting him, so that he can communicate with him
6. In the event that an agreement is found on a Bitmonds not for sale, we recommend that you follow the normal procedure that involves the owner entering the Bitmonds on the Marketplace

How to get in touch with other collectors through your personal page?

The personal page of each user is characterized by a url that can be shared, thanks to the appropriate Share Your Profile button in the My Bitmonds section (for the url to be public, the Publish Your Profile flag must be set to YES, otherwise even if shared it is not seen from the outside).

The personal page made public (not all data will be visible to other users, only the Bitmonds and some filters), allows you to share through social networks, forums or your personal e-commerce, a showcase of your Bitmonds for which you are interested in receiving purchase proposals.

This allows you to use the tools on the web to create more opportunities for contact with collectors interested in making exchanges.

What is the Message Center section on the Dashboard for?

It is the control panel for all interactions with other collectors.

This section tracks:

1. Notifications: contains notifications of acceptance by another collector of the transferred Bitmonds
2. Exchanges: Contains all current or past sales transactions with other collectors
3. Transfers: contains all the notifications of the successful passage of the Bitmonds in your favor
4. Gifts: contains all the notifications of receipt of a Bitmonds as a gift, with the possibility of accepting it.
5. Negotiations Archived: Contains past negotiations

Where do I fill in my contact and payment details?

In the appropriate Payment and Contact Data section in the My Account section.

What happens if something goes wrong in the buying and selling phase?

Report incorrect behavior to the email info@bitmonds.com, providing as many elements as possible to demonstrate what has been declared.

To request our intervention, it is strictly necessary to have traced the sale transaction using the tools provided on the www.bitmonds.com portal.

We recommend that you ask for the support of our Customer Care if the transaction has not been successfully closed within 48 hours.

What is My Album?

The My Album section allows you to better organize the collection of owned Bitmonds and immediately search for the missing Bitmonds in the Marketplace.

Each collection is divided into 4 seasons consisting of 64 Bitmonds each. The Seasons of the First Collection are Air, Earth, Fire and Water while those of the Second Collection are Carbon, Helium, Hydrogen and Oxygen and while those of the Third Collection are Autumn, Spring, Summer e Winter

How My Album works?

As explained in detail in our VIDEO TUTORIAL, by accessing My Album it is possible:
  • view the percentage of completion of each Collection, based on the Bitmonds owned
  • compose your own Album manually, choosing the one owned for each Bitmonds that best represents each individual box
  • use the automatic self-composition tools of the Album made available by the portal, in order to partially or completely suggest how to populate your Album
  • access a quick search in the Marketplace, in order to easily and quickly start the purchase of a Bitmonds that is missing from our collection
  • make your Album public (via link or with direct access to Facebook and Twitter)

How should I behave for the management of Bitmonds payments and transactions?

1. In the case of using PayPal for payment, we remind you that the seller must receive exactly the value in Euro indicated on the Marketplace. So, if the buyer decides to use a formula other than "Family & Friends" or there are currency exchange fees, these must be added up at the time of payment.

2. The seller may in no case contact the buyer after the closing of the sale to ask for a higher price than indicated. The sales contract is legally binding for both of us and must be completed at the indicated values. If the buyer does not complete the payment within 48 hours, the seller can notify us by writing to info@bitmonds.com and we will unlock the Bitmonds, inserting a negative feedback to the buyer.

3. The seller must transfer the Bitmonds only after receiving the payment.

What is MyArtworks?

It is the Album where you can collect your Artworks purchased during the exclusive Falling Drops.

Unlike My Bitmonds, there are currently no disposition actions on the Artworks. These will be enabled with the Web3/Redeem news that will be brought to the portal in the coming months.

KYC,AML,CTF e Sanctions Screening procedures

What is the strong customer identification procedure?

Is a globally recognized procedure that consists of a "strong" recognition of the user, by validating the identity document and personal data provided by him/her (KYC), a check within international AML (Anti-Money Laundering), CTF (Counter-Terrorist Financing) and Sanctions Screening lists.

If even just one of the aforementioned verification activities fails, unfortunately it will not be possible to use the portal functions that require strong customer identification.

Why am I being asked for a strong customer identification procedure on the www.bitmonds.com website?

The procedure has the purpose of making the use of the Platform safer, ensuring greater security in transactions and preventing criminal activities (such as money laundering), in compliance with current legislation on the matter.

When do I have to perform the strong customer identification procedure?

The procedure is mandatory in the following cases:
- Upon exceeding in the history of the account, a certain spending threshold in the generation of new Bitmonds (100 Euros)
- When using the Marketplace for the first time on the www.bitmonds.com portal to promote the sale of its Bitmonds
- To be able to simultaneously start more than 5 Bitmonds purchase procedures from other collectors
- To be able to participate in the sales of the New Drops section

How is the KYC procedure carried out?

You will be redirected to the identification portal managed by our certified supplier for this activity (Optimo Next) which will activate the document verification procedure.

Specifically you will:
- confirm or possibly correct the data you entered when registering with www.bitmonds.com, in order to make them consistent with those present on the identity document;
- select the identity document with which you want to identify yourself;
- acquire the image of the front and back of the chosen document;
Our supplier will check that the document sent is among those provided, complete, legible, authentic, valid and corresponding to the personal data returned to Bitmonds.

For any other details or clarifications you can refer directly to the dedicated website page

How the AML, CTF and Sanctions Screening processes takes place?

Your identification data will be sent in secure mode to our certified supplier (Name Scan) who will proceed with the verification within international AML (Anti-Money Laundering), CTF (Counter-Terrorist Financing) and Sanctions Screening lists.

Some of the checks required by this procedure (AML/CTF/Sanctions Screening) may be repeated over time. If the outcome will be negative, from that moment on it will not be possible to use the portal functions that require strong identification of the customer.

For any other details or clarifications you can refer directly to the dedicated website page

Loyalty Program

What is the Bitmonds Loyalty Program?

The Bitmonds Loyalty Program is available from 15 June 2020 and every month entitles you to accumulate "My Credits" points if you own an entire collection or part of it. The accumulated points can be used to obtain products and services that we will update over the months.

To participate in the Loyalty Program you must be registered on the site www.bitmonds.com and have completed all the personal data (Surname, Name, Date of Birth, Gender and City of Residence).

Inside the My Album area it is possible to check at any time the completion of the Collections (Collection 1 and Collection 2) the Seasons of each collection (Air, Earth, Fire, Water for Collection 1, Carbon, Helium, Hydrogen, Oxygen for Collection 2 and Autumn, Spring, Summer e Winter for Third Collection).

While within the Loyalty Program area it will always be possible to check the balance of points, indicated as My Credits

The complete details of the Bitmonds Loyalty Program are available in the Regulations published within the site

What advantages do accumulated loyalty points give me?

The accumulated points can be used within the specific page where the prizes (products or services) available and requestable are listed.

To request a prize you need:
  • access the dedicated page
  • select the prize you wish to request by clicking on the "Request Prize" button (only prizes compatible with the available points balance will be available)
  • once the prize has been chosen, the My Credits balance will be automatically decreased consistently with the credits corresponding to the requested prize
  • subsequently there will be a contact by the Customer Care for the operational management of delivery of the prize

What are the loyalty points recognition logic?

A different number of points will accrue following the completion of one or more collections or part of them, as detailed and regulated in the specific Regulations.

To receive accreditation, the Collection must be completed at least 24 hours before the verification day, defined as the first working day of each month following the month of validity of the operation and the attribution of credits will take place within 3 working days from the date verification of completion of the Collection