Information on the strong identification of the user


We inform you that in order to make the use of the Platform safer, guarantee greater security in transactions and prevent criminal activities (such as money laundering), we have adopted a KYC - Know Your Customer recognition procedure in compliance with the regulations in force on the subject . In addition to verifying the identity document, to obtain a positive outcome, the procedure applied by our portal also includes a check within international AML (Anti-Money Laundering), CTF (Counter-Terrorist Financing) and Sanctions Screening lists.

Scenarios where your strong identification is needed are:

  • exceeding, in the history of the account, 100,00 Euro spending threshold in the generation of Bitmonds;
  • first use of the section Marketplace or the section dedicated to commercial launch of new Bitmonds or Artworks drops.

In these cases you will be redirected to the identification portal managed by our certified partner for this activity (Optimo Next) which will activate the KYC procedure. In parallel, your data will be sent to our certified partner (Name Scan) for AML/CTF and Sanctions Screening verification activities.

Specifically you will:

  • A) confirm and possibly correct the data you entered when registering with, in order to make it consistent with those of your identity document;
  • B) select the identity document with which you want to identify yourself;
  • C) acquire and upload the image of the front and back of the chosen document;

Our partner will then proceed to verify that the document sent is among those envisaged, complete, legible, authentic, valid and corresponding to the personal data returned in

The outcome of the checks will be communicated to you within two working days from the start of the procedure also to the email address associated with the Bitmonds account, subject to verification.

If even just one of the aforementioned verification activities fails, unfortunately it will not be possible to use the portal functions that require strong customer identification.

Some of the checks required by this procedure (AML/CTF/Sanctions Screening) may be repeated over time. If the outcome will be negative, from that moment on it will not be possible to use the portal functions that require strong identification of the customer.

The information you give will be transmitted through a secure and encrypted connection.

We will not use the additional data that you have provided us through the procedure unless it is necessary to fulfill the contract with you, the legal obligations incumbent on us, defend our interests or pursue any other legitimate reason.

For any further information on the processing of data entered in this procedure, please view our privacy policy.

Ver. 1.5 – December 2022

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