Vanilla Rocket S.r.l. with headquarters in Bastioni di Porta Nuova 21 - Milan (MI) - VAT no. 10393410963 (the "Promoter").

Duration of the prize operation

The duration of the prize operation is foreseen from 01.01.2024 to 30.06.2024
The prizes can be requested no later than fifteen days from the end of the prize transaction covered by this regulation

Promotional products

The products involved in this operation are all the Bitmonds generated or used Bitmonds purchased or received as gifts from other collectors useful to increase one or more of the Collections envisaged, where by Collection we mean, as specified on the Site, a set of 256 Bitmonds afferent to the same description of the collection (ie Collection 1, Collection 2, Collection 3, etc.) or part of collections belonging to the same description (ie Air, Water, etc.).


Internet users registered on the site www.bitmonds.com that purchase or obtain or hold the promoted products (the "Customers").
Customers who participated in the previous edition of this prize operation will receive a credit bonus equal to those accumulated and not used with the previous edition.
Employees of the Promoter and managers and / or employees of retailers are excluded from the Transaction.

Advertising of the operation

This initiative will be promoted on the www.bitmonds.com site (the "Site") and possibly through periodic newsletters and on the official social channels of the initiative itself.
However, the Promoter reserves the right to use any other means of communication that appears suitable for bringing the content of the prize event to the recipients thereof.
The regulation is available on the Site.

Method of carrying out the operation

Registration and obtaining of credits

To participate in the prize operation, the Customer must first:
access the Site and register in the reserved area by filling in all the fields indicated as mandatory (Surname, Name, Date of Birth, Gender and City of Residence).

Once the registration has been completed, the Customer can start to accumulate the Bitmonds, by purchasing or gift them, until the completion of at least one of the scheduled Collections.

A different number of credits will accrue to the Customer upon completion of one or more Collections or part of them, as indicated in Appendix A.

To receive accreditation, the Customer must have completed the Collection at least 24 hours before the verification day, defined as the first working day of each month following the month of validity of the operation.

Credits will be awarded within 3 working days from the date of completion of the collection

The credit will be visible in the dedicated section of the profile of the individual customer.

The Customer can consult the balance of the accumulated credits (the "Balance") at any time in the "Dashboard" section of the Site reserved for him

Free assignment of Bitmonds

Upon completion of an entire collection (to be understood as an entire collection, not applicable to the completion of one of the 4 parts of the entire collection), the customer will also acquire the right to receive one of the most sought-after or generated Bitmonds for free. the collection just completed, as indicated in Appendix C.

The choice of Bitmonds will be at the total discretion of the Promoter.

The Customer will receive the Bitmonds as a gift only the first time he has completed the Collection.

To receive the free Bitmonds, the Customer must have completed the Collection at least 24 hours before the verification day, defined as the first working day of each month following the month of validity of the operation.

The delivery of the gift will take place within 3 working days from the date of completion of the collection

Request for prizes

The credits accumulated by the Customer will be spendable within a specific page of the Site where the prizes (products or services) available and demandable will be listed.

To request the prize, the customer must:

  • access the page dedicated to prizes on the Site;
  • select the prize or prizes you intend to request from those available according to your Balance by clicking on the appropriate button

Whenever the Customer has requested a prize, his Balance will be automatically decreased by the sum of the credits corresponding to the requested rewards.
As the credits are deducted, a dedicated Customer Care will manage the request and delivery of the prize, possibly contacting the Customer, if necessary.
Cumulative credits will be valid for 12 months from the time of disbursement.

Nature and value of the prizes

The prizes envisaged in the context of this prize transaction and the credit thresholds necessary to be able to request them are listed in the table in Appendix B.

The Promoter reserves the right to change and / or supplement the prizes available by updating the catalog available on the Site. Any new prizes will be of equal or greater value than the previous ones.

Prize Pool

It is planned to distribute, in the period of this prize draw, an estimated total prize money of 3,000 euros, excluding VAT, subject to adjustment at the end of the event.

Delivery of the prizes

The prizes will be delivered within 180 days. from the date of the request, as required by art. 1 paragraph 3 of the Presidential Decree n. 430 of 10/26/2001.

The Promoter bears no responsibility for the failure to deliver the prizes due to incorrect indications of the data entered during the registration phase for participation in the prize operation.

Since the delivery of prizes consisting of physical goods takes place by express courier or mail, no responsibility can be attributed to the Promoter, in the event of delivery of the prizes, whose external packaging has obviously been tampered with, broken and / or ruined.
In the event that this happens, it will be appropriate to ascertain it at the time of delivery and not after the signature of the delivery note of the prize itself. Therefore, the participant, or whoever has been delegated for the collection of the prize, is invited to carefully check that the packaging of the prize does not show evident signs of tampering, breakage or anything else, such as to suggest, before signing the delivery note. that the prize has been damaged in whole or in part and / or subtracted totally or partially.

In case of legitimate doubt, the Customer has the right to reject the prize with written reasons, or to withdraw the prize subject to verification.
This reservation must be clearly indicated on the delivery note submitted by the courier.

All products are covered by the manufacturer's conventional warranty and by the warranty for lack of conformity pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05.
To take advantage of the warranty assistance, the participant must keep a copy of the transport document which must be considered the only document certifying the commencement of the warranty.

The Customer cannot request the exchange / replacement of the prize or the corresponding cash value.
The Customer will not be able to claim any compensation following damages resulting from the use of the prize.

In the event that the prizes are no longer available for reasons independent of the Promoter, they may be replaced with others of equal value or similar characteristics.

Participation details

Participation in this prize draw is open and free, with the exception of connection costs.

During registration, the customer must provide correct and true personal data.
The Promoter reserves the right to request - at any time and at its discretion - a copy of an identity document of the Customer in order to verify its correct identity and its compliance with the requirements required in this regulation, with particular reference to what is specified in the previous paragraph. "Recipients".

The Promoter reserves the right to carry out all checks relating to the correct participation of the Customer, verifying the actual purchase of the Products.
In the event of ascertained irregularity in participation, any prizes requested will not be recognized.

The Promoter also reserves the right to verify that the holdings are not dictated by opportunistic behavior (purely by way of example: the opening of multiple accounts and / or the transfer of entire collections to other accounts, etc.) for the sole purpose of obtaining more Bitmonds gifts in addition to those provided for in the regulation; in these occurrences, neither improperly acquired credits nor Bitmonds gifts will be recognized.

The Promoter assumes no responsibility for problems of access, impediment, malfunction or difficulty concerning the technical tools, the computer, the telephone line, the cables, the electronics, the software and the hardware, the transmission and the connection, the Internet connection that could prevent a competitor from participating in the prize draw.

Guarantees and fulfilments

The Promoter may modify the methods of execution of this prize event, pursuant to and in accordance with the terms of art. 10, paragraph 4 of the Presidential Decree n. 430/2001 by giving prior notice to Customers in the same form of the promise or in equivalent form.

The Promoter declares to make the VAT non-deductible on the purchase invoices of the prizes or, if it is not possible, to pay the Substitute Tax of 20%.

The personal data provided during registration will be processed by the Promoter, in his capacity as Data Controller of personal data, in compliance with the provisions laid down by the European Regulation n. 679/2016 regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR).
The Promoter informs the participating Customers of this prize event that the personal data transmitted will be processed in order to allow and manage participation in the event.

Consumers participating in the prize event can exercise the rights referred to in the aforementioned GDPR, by writing to the Promoter at the address: info@bitmonds.com
For further information, see the website www.bitmonds.com

The present Prize Transaction takes place in compliance with the Presidential Decree October 26, 2001, n. 430.

Participation in this prize draw implies full and unconditional acceptance by the participant of the rules and clauses contained in this regulation without any limitation.

Conservation of the regulation

These regulations, drafted and self-certified pursuant to art. 10, paragraph 3 of the Presidential Decree 430/2001, is kept at the headquarters of the promoter company Vanilla Rocket S.r.l. with headquarters in Bastioni di Porta Nuova, 21 20121 Milan, at whose offices it will be kept for the entire duration of the event and for the twelve months following its conclusion.

Appendix A: Actions and Credits

Actions Credits
Completion of one of the 4 parts of Collection 1 n. 100
Completion of all 4 parts of Collection 1 n. 500
Completion of one of the 4 parts of Collection 2 n. 50
Completion of all 4 parts of Collection 2 n. 300
Completion of one of the 4 parts of Collection 3 n. 35
Completion of all 4 parts of Collection 3 n. 200


  • Upon completion of part of Collection 1 and part of Collection 2, the Customer will receive 150 credits.
  • Upon completion of both collections, the customer will receive 800 credits.
  • Upon completion of Collection 2 and two parts of Collection 1 the Customer will receive 500 credits.

Appendix B: Prizes

Prize Commercial value net of VAT Credits needed
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 44mm Bluetooth 330,00 € 8.500
AOVOPRO 365GO 350W Dual Brake App Display LCD Waterproof folding electric scooter 240,00 € 6.500
Projector 5G WiFi Bluetooth 15000L, VISSPL 1080P Full HD 230,00 € 6.000
VIOFO Dash Cam 2K 1440P, A129 200,00 € 5.000
Holy Stone HS175D Drone foldable with 4K Camera 150,00 € 4.000
TARION Photography Backpack 80,00 € 2.000
LEPULSE Digital Scale 55,00 € 1.500
Sweatshirt with Bitmonds brand 50,00 € 1.500
CXY 7500mah Portable Car Air Compressor 40,00 € 1.000
ATUVOS Smart Tracker Tag 2 Black pieces 33,00 € 1.000
T-shirt with Bitmonds brand 30,00 € 750
Cap with Bitmonds brand 25,00 € 750

Appendix C: Actions and Free Bitmonds

Actions Free Bitmonds
Completion of Collection 1 or in general of closed collections A Bitmonds among the first 999 generated on the first collection
Completion of Collection 2 or in general of current collections A Bitmonds among the first 600 generated on the second collection
Completion of Collection 3 or in general of current collections A Bitmonds among the first 600 generated on the third collection (Special Edition Excluded)
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